We are Beautonomy.

We're a beauty company looking to shake things up. A passionate community of beauty experts with a mission to democratise beauty and give power back to the people.

Beauty By You.

We’re not like the rest of them, and neither are you. Beautonomy is a different kind of beauty company.

We know the times have changed, it’s no longer the big brands or mainstream media, who set the trends – it’s you the passionate beauty fans and influencers.

That’s why we started Beautonomy. We are on a mission, to give everyone the tools they need to create their own beauty products, exactly how they want them, and share them with the world.

The Perfect Palette.

Our first product is a fully personalised palette.

We believe palettes are a powerful platform for creativity. They allow you to create lots of different combinations of looks and tutorials with a single item.

As a team we like to think we’ve taken them to the next level, each Beautonomy palette can be fully customised from the products they contain to the design on the packaging.