09 Nov 2020

About The Team


Kiemu is one of the Beautonomy co-founders. When she’s not managing all of us, she deals with almost everything from finance to dealing with designers, as well as being the most fantastic boss! 

Tea/Coffee Order: Coffee with lots of oat milk.


Tom took on Beautonomy as his own business a few years ago from our corporate partner.  He deals mainly with our marketing and digital product, as well as being married to Kiemu. 

Tea/Coffee Order: Who knows, Tom is always out and about, he doesn’t have time to sit around drinking coffee. 


Amy is our in house production assistant and creative junior. As with all of us, her job is pretty varied. She spends lots of her time printing and packing, but Amy is also a very talented makeup artist and so is often creating looks and content for the brand amongst other things. 

Tea/Coffee Order: Tea with ‘a normal amount of milk’.


Cindy is our customer and collaborator representative. She deals with any queries from our wonderful customers, as well as liaising with the creators that make content for us. Of course, Cindy lends a hand wherever she can and has been fantastic at getting our TikTok page going. 

Tea/Coffee Order: Coffee that’s heavy on the sugar and coffee mate. 


Grace is one of the Beautonomy co-founders. She deals with everything from printing and packing to planning and ordering any shades we release, as well as everything in between. Grace is the longest standing member of staff and so knows all the ins and outs of the company. 

Tea/Coffee Order: Coffee with milk. 


Darcy is the company copywriter and social media manager. She writes anything we need put into words, like our blog and email. She also organises our social media accounts, both creating content and reposting content from our creators. 

Tea/Coffee Order: Coffee with milk because she’s copying Grace. 


Tanika joined Beautonomy as our intern, through our efforts to help our local community as part of our BLM support. Four days a week she helps with packing orders, and on Fridays Tom and Kiemu help her grow her art business Blank Canvas London. 

Tea/Coffee Order: Mocha that’s heavy on the sugar and coffee mate.