14 May 2021

How To: Bronze Eye Makeup Looks

Summer is around the corner and we are ready. You’ll be able to catch the Beautonomy team dining outside and catching some rays pretty soon but what about the makeup look?

A go-to bronze eye makeup look is a must-have as it helps highlight the overall glow you’ll have from finally getting some vitamin D after months of staying mainly at home. You can make it smokier to get that sultry vibe or add some contrasting colour with a bright eyeliner.

Sharp contrast by Makeupbox_of_Dory

Dory utilised a good trick of using liquid lipstick as eyeliner to create that super sharp pop of purple to her bronze look. Dory’s blended a matte shade in the crease before a slick of shimmery bronze on the lid to make the overall look a must-try on our list for the summer. To recreate the look, you’ll need a sharp angled brush for the liquid lipstick but try using mink in the crease before using bank for that shimmery finish.

bronze eyemakeup with purple eyeliner

Smokey glow by LeeshJustine

Bronze toned eye makeup looks great on darker skin tones but a tip is to go for warmer tones that really pop on brown skin. If you want to go all glam try going for a smokey eye makeup look. LeeshJustine’s sultry take on bronze eye makeup is perfectly framed by her natural brows. We recommend using Cents if you want a warmer look or Boujie for a slight lilac undertone.

smokey bronze eye makeup

Metallic and go by Luxe by Yush

Sometimes we don’t have time to blend multiple shades but don’t want to sacrifice the glam. Yush’s use of a cool toned brown metallic shade before cleaning it up for a winged finish is just perfect. You can recreate Yush’s look and add to the glam with some false lashes or a touch of eyeliner. If you want to keep it simple but glam as Yush did, then try our duo-chrome shade Cà Phê. You can always try layering it on top of Brown or Dessy if you want to shade match Yush’s look.

winged brown metallic eye makeup

We love celebrating the flexibility of seeing a look we love and making it work for the individual. Make sure to join our Discord server to share your completed eye makeup look!