23 Jun 2021

Burgundy eye makeup look for everyday wear

Summer is typically the season of bright eyeshadows but what if you’re not quite ready to branch out into colour? 

We get it. It’s hard to make bright eyeshadows wearable for day-to-day looks. A shade we love to use to inject a little more colour into the makeup bag is a rich burgundy or maroon. The deep eyeshadow colour is great for making the eyes the centrepiece. Plus you don’t step too far from everyday go-to choices of brown or copper. 

Burgundy is also handy as a transitional shade as we go from summer to autumn. Not to mention the move from day to night by adding some smokiness to your look. 

If you’re already adventurous with your eye makeup, try experimenting with an alternative finish. Instead of glitter or matte, try wet and glossy. You can buy eye glosses specifically made for using on the eyes. These produce that long lasting super shiny look. You could even try applying normal lip gloss as long as it’s safe for your eyes. Just remember that once you apply the gloss, any eyeshadow you have underneath will appear darker than normal. 

Burgundy eye shadow is a really diverse shade and you’ll even catch some of the Beautonomy team rocking a burgundy cat eye after following our winged eyeliner tutorial. It’s a subtle take on the trendy graphic liner look you might see flooding your Instagram feed.

For today’s eye makeup guide, we’ve worked with Beautonomy creator @tini.probeauty for her take on a burgundy eye makeup feature that is minimal effort but high impact.

Get the look

burgundy orange eye makeup on black woman

Tiniquka is giving us that glow using a range of red based browns and neutrals to get that deep burgundy shade. Created using a custom Beautonomy palette picked by Tiniquka herself, the eye shadows she used to create the look were Ignite, Volcanic, Spice, Eclipse, and Leo Season.

As always, we recommend starting off by prepping your eyelids with a good eye primer. Focusing in on the metallic red tones of Ignite, Tiniquka uses the eyeshadow all over her eyelids.

Then taking Eclipse, she gently buffs the darker eyeshadow to create a smoky effect in the outer corners. Perfect for showing us her take on a soft glam burgundy eye makeup! 

Typically, burgundy makeup has reddish or purple undertones but we think the dark red tones of shades like Volcanic and warm orange of Spice suit Tiniquka’s darker skin tone perfectly. 

After applying Spice towards the lower lash line. We love how Tiniquka shows off how Leo Season adds that pop of highlight in the inner corner. A true shimmer shade, it leaves Tiniquka absolutely glowing.

Her light and fluffy false eyelashes plus the light pink lip complete the look, leaving us with the last thing to do. Try out her look for ourselves!

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