Start your own brand.

We're tired of our beauty products being decided for us, so we're thinking it's time to take back control. We're starting a new world of makeup and we want you to be in the driving seat.

Become a Creator

Here's your chance to take control & become a Beautonomy Creator

Design and sell your palettes in your very own Beautonomy store.

As well as having your own beauty brand and online store, you'll also get...

  • Earn

    You'll make commission on every palette your store sells. Giving you the chance to make money from your creative genius.

  • Insider Knowledge

    You'll be able to learn about how to manage your marketing, grow your social media, develop your designs and grow your brand.

  • Products

    As one of our Creators community, we'll want you to help Beautonomy grow. Review the latest products, vote on new colour ranges and have your say.

  • Community

    Be part of a community that is passionate about beauty and shaping the future of the industry. Being in our creative community will get you invited to exclusive Beautonomy events and parties, meet your fellow creators and industry insiders whilst building your own brand.

Take control of the industy & join the #BEAUTONARMY

Become a Beautonomy Creator.

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