04 Jun 2019

How to: Festival Makeup

Pack your tents and have your wellies ready, festival season is here and it’s time to up your beauty game. Let’s face it, creating standout beauty looks is all part of the festival vibe. So whether you’re camping out at Glasto or getting ready to rave at Lovebox, we’ve got a beauty look for your palette. Let’s just say #Glittergoals are here for summer 2019.


It’s glitter time

Festival season is the perfect time to get creative with your eye makeup. Lines here, glitter there, and hey, why not dab on a few glittery dots while you’re at it? You can literally put glitter on your hair, face, and body, but we prefer to focus in on our makeup. For those looking to make a statement don’t of focusing shimmer on your lids only, extend it out along your cheekbones to create a firework effect. We love silver shades for this look, so try Orion in your palette.

Eye spy glitter

More isn’t always more when it comes to glitter. For a simpler festival make-up look, a sprinkling above and below your eyelids of a subtler shade (we love Galaxy or Orion) on bare skin looks seriously pretty.

Go bright or go home

Let’s just say it’s time to go primary, colours that is. In fact we’re calling it, if you take one eye makeup product to a festival this year make it a crayola bright shade. Depending on how daring you feel experiment with Bluebell or Kōwhai to make your eyes really pop.s

Though, if you’re adding glitter on top of primary shades, try to keep the rest of your makeup really muted with glowy, natural blush and lips using Kawaii. Natural makeup aside, you can still make your cheekbones really stand out and shine. Highlight your contour area with a light metallic shade like Rose Gold using your finger.


Glitter everywhere

Our top festival makeup tip, glitter isn’t limited to just the eyes. You can carefully dust loose pigments along your nose and cheekbones to make you makeup extra dramatic, we love Rose Gold or Orion to take your look to another galaxy. Plus, if you left your concealer at home, use glitter along your lower lash-line to create a futuristic under-eye look.

Festival made easy

For the easiest festival make-up look ever, simply daub mismatched coloured eyeshadow above and below your eyes. Mix and match as you please, though we love a blend of pink and purple, try K-Pop! on the upper lids and Purple Reign below.



Wing It

Warning! Once you perfect the glitter cat-eye you may want to wear it ALL the time. Add your regular liquid black eyeliner to your face before adding lashings of glitter – try Galaxy for maximum effect.


Nu Rave is back

Sci-fi bling eyeliner is officially a thing. One for nu-ravers everywhere, simply add a line of a bright shade such as K-Pop before embellishing your wings with jewels or glitter dots.

From sunrise to sunset

You’ll be dancing till dawn and singing along at sunset so why not have the palette to match. Try burning shades of Mustard and Bright Orange for a seriously statement look on your lids that will last all day and all night long.

Feeling festival-ready? Add these shades to your palette in time for a weekend you’ll never forget. Create your own custom palette HERE.