04 Dec 2020

How To: Eloise’s Christmas Look

Christmas Day is always a bit of a rush, even though things might be a bit quieter this year, there’s always something to do! So, it’s always handy to have a quick makeup look prepared to have you looking your best in no time. Luckily for you, our YouTube host Eloise has the perfect Christmas look up her sleeve! Here’s a step by step guide…

1.Prime your eye with your primer of choice 

2. Mix Atacama with Spice on a big fluffy blending brush, and apply to the outer corner and into the crease and into the inner corner as well. 

3. Apply Boujie with your finger, first in the centre and then to the inner and outer corners and up to the crease

4. To add a more golden shade, go over that with Cents on your finger

5. To finish off, pop a bit of Golden Sugar in to the centre of the lid 

6. Use a fluffy blush just to disperse that glitter 

7. Apply your winged eyeliner (see here for our tutorial) 

8. Finish the look off with a red lip!

Still need a bit of help? Watch Eloise’s YouTube tutorial here.