11 Dec 2020

How To: Nude Eye Looks

To create a natural eye you need three shades that are similar to your skin tone. you need a dark tone, mid tone and a light tone. We’ve used Basic for the light, Toast for the mid, and Cwtch for the dark. You can add a nude shimmer such as Whoa to this to highlight your look.

  1. Using a small fluffy brush apply your dark tone along the bottom of your brow bone and on the outer corner of your eye. 

2. Blend this out using your mid tone. Make sure to continue into the inner corner of your eye socket.

3. Using a flat brush apply your light tone to the centre of the lid, inner corner and the top of your brow bone.

4. Blend using the same brush you used for your mid tone brush. 

5. To highlight and define your natural eye structure, apply your shimmer to the centre and inner corner of your eye.