18 May 2021

How to use the Beautonomy Customiser

The best and biggest part of the Beautonomy experience is using our customiser to make the eyeshadow palette you want. It’s a simple process that leads to some incredible designs coming through to our in-house printing team. We love seeing your shade names and how you pick between our 50 different shades to get the colour story you want. 

1. Pick Your Shades

We know – it can sometimes be hard picking the perfect eyeshadow shades. We have a variety of finishes including matte, shimmer, metallics, and more. You can even choose from our pressed face products such as highlighter and blush. You have the options to create a nude toned palette or something that mixes finishes to get more variety in your creation.

2. Design the Packaging

Moving onto designing the packaging, you have full creative control. Will you pick from one of our original patterns or will you upload your own image? You’re able to name your shades, name your palette and choose the font you like best out of our selection. Some of our most popular background picks include a classic grey or pink toned marble design.

3. Final confirmation before printing!

For the final and most important step, you should confirm that all your chosen shades are in the palette, the images and shade names are correct, and then add to your cart. If you notice anything wrong after you’ve purchased your palette, make sure to contact our customer service team as soon as possible.

You’ve done it! You’ve created the first palette that is entirely unique to you. Try making yours today or share your creation with us on social media and tagging @beautonomyofficial.