20 Nov 2020

How to do an easy Winged Eyeliner

We’ve all been there: standing in front of your bathroom mirror for hours trying to create the perfect winged eyeliner. You get it right on the right side, get it wrong on the left, and then spend forever trying to balance it out and make both wings identical, before wiping it all off and then starting again. Well, enough of that. Here’s a step by step guide to make life a bit easier for you. 

You can use any type of liner here: liquid liner, gel liner, or, mix eyeshadow with Duraline to make any shadow into liner! We recommend Inglot’s Duraline

1.Using any straight tool (from a brush to a ruler) to create a line  from the outer corner of your upper lash line to the end of your eyebrow. 

2. Using a small pointed brush or pencil eyeliner draw a dot along the line where you would roughly like your flick to end. 

3.Draw a dot on the outer corner of the upper lash line, at the base of where the wing will be 

4.Draw a dot in the centre on your upper lash line. 

5. Using a thin angled brush connect the first dot to the second dot. 

6. Connect the tip of the wing to the dot at the centre of the lash line.

7. Go along the flick edge with a makeup wipe to create a super sharp edge.

And, there you have it! The perfect wing. You’re welcome.