02 May 2018

Meet Ella: How a shaved head changed her makeup life

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Eighteen year old Ella is a student from Norwich who favours a red lip and a bald head. Having shaved off her hair six months ago she’s found that her makeup has had a shakeup. You might recognise Ella as one of the beauties who lent her face to the Beautonomy crew to be plied with a thousand eyeshadows. She tells us about her beautiful life.

“I am trying to embrace my natural self whilst also having fun with makeup”

On what’s in her makeup bag
There’s a lot of Bare Minerals in here! I have really sensitive skin so I can’t wear a lot of makeup brands out there. I’ve got Bare Minerals Original Foundation, it’s in a powder form otherwise I will switch between a tinted moisturiser from them. I’ve got Benefit They’re Real mascara which is an essential and then I’ve got Bert’s Bees lip balm. That’s about it! I’ve whittled down the essentials. I got into Bare Minerals when working at Debenhams and I went to them to get help hoping they could find me a foundation that wouldn’t dry my skin out and I’ve been using their brand every since. It gives a good overall coverage but it doesn’t stick to your skin and feels like it’s almost not there.

On her beauty routine
I cleanse using this stuff call MediK8, it’s quite clinical. I have seen a dermatologist and skin specialist about my skin as it flares up really easily and she recommended it to me. It’s really good stuff and is an essential for me. I use a gel that you foam into your hands and rub onto you skin and wipe off with a flannel. Next I use a vitamin C serum from the same company that I put on my face – honestly they are so good, I don’t use anything else. After that I moisturise and that’s me. Then I put on my minimal makeup.

With the rest of it and with my hair, well, I wake up and I am like ‘wow I am bald’!

On why she shaved her head
I get asked why I shaved my head all the time and to be honest it is literally because I don’t really suit having hair. I used to have long hair until I was about and I had long hair because everyone had long hair. I kept asking my mum to get shorter and shorter and when you’re 12 your mum isn’t likely to let you shave your head so then I made a deal… “okay I’ll get a pixie cut.” And it just got shorter and shorter. One day I was sat with my friends and was like “someone just shave my hair off because I don’t want hair anymore.” And they did.

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On how it felt
Weird at first! I actually cried because I hated it. I really didn’t like it because I felt so exposed. After that, it’s a cliche, but it felt really liberating. Your face is there all the time and you’ve got nothing to hide behind and now I love it. People would stare at me in the street or they’d come up to me and be like ‘oh my god I love your hair.’ I’ve noticed now, six months later that there are about 4 or 5 girls in Norwich who have shaved their hair. There are a couple of girls I have made friends with because we have shaved heads in Norwich, it’s really funny.

On how her makeup has changed since shaving her head
At first I was wearing makeup everyday because the thought of having a bare face and no hair was scary. Now I’ve got used to it I wear a lot less. If I am going out then I’ll put makeup on.

On creating an evening look
I always start off with a Bare Minerals primer called Prime Time, it’s something I have to put on so my makeup will stay on otherwise it’s gone in seconds. I use my tinted moisturiser and a concealer from Bare Minerals. I think I am their best customer! I attempt a bronzer but I can’t say I am one of these people that’s really good at doing a contour so it’s a light touch of Benefit’s Hula. I tend to pick out a dark red lipstick and then not do much with my eyes so they attention is on my lips. My favourite lipstick is M.A.C’s Ruby Woo shade that’s a bright red. My eye makeup is then a really light creamy, basic shadow. Especially without hair, it’s quite nice to have a bit of cheekbone so I use Benefit Dandelion highlighter. My finishing touch is brushing my eyebrows up with a bit of eyebrow wax. I don’t do much to them as I have naturally quite shaped eyebrows. I usually put a little bit of glitter in the corner of my eyes at the moment – I get them off Depop from a girl who sells pots of glitter. I try and be experimental. I am not amazing at makeup but I’ve tried a lot of different eyeshadows – bright green and orange and different lipsticks. I want to look quite bold.

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On who got her into makeup
My mum’s statement has been a red lipstick for as long as I have been alive. My red lipstick love has come from her. I remember raiding her makeup bag when I was nine and her being like “oh my god take it off.” I don’t know who taught me about how to do a full face of makeup but I remember her telling me that you HAVE to use lipliner, don’t do your lipstick without it. I haven’t listened to her good advice obviously!

On the best or worst looks she’s attempted
Every time I go to a gig I try and make myself look really dressed up and cover myself in glitter. As the festival goes on the glitter has fallen from my face and is ALL over my body and clothes. You cannot get it off! Last year at Latitude I thought it would look cool if I poured glitter into my hair (I had a short crop then) and I couldn’t get it out for weeks.

On her relationship to makeup now
I am trying to have a more fun relationship with makeup as I am very aware when I used to wear a lot more it was because I didn’t like what I looked like without it. Now I am trying to embrace my natural self whilst also having fun with it. I think that’s quite a good thing really.

On her dream personalised Beautonomy palette
I’d have a black palette covered with lipstick prints in bright colours all over it and illustrated glittery sequins. I like the deeper shades for my palette that you can wear on an every day basis but you can still see that you’re wearing them. The dark oranges and browns are my picks!