02 May 2018

Meet Indi-Anna: A makeup junkie who nailed her everyday look

Indi-Anna is a childcare student from Brighton who used to be obsessed with Youtube tutorials, watching them daily. Now she’s streamlining her look with a handful of hard working products.

I used to have an obsessive relationship with makeup and I would keep all my products even though they were used to the end. I liked that I had them or kept them for the packaging.

On her everyday makeup
I actually don’t wear a lot in the weekday. I wear a Nars Sheer Glow foundation and a Glossier Cloud Paint blush in the shade Haze. I like the dewy look, especially in summer. I don’t like to put loads of foundation on my face, I like to wear as little makeup as possible with with most coverage so these two products do that. I wear a Bobby Brown eyebrow pencil and I use that as an eyeliner and eyebrow pencil. Then I go with a Benefit They’re Real mascara and I always curl my eyelashes.

Depending if it’s more of an evening look, I’d wear a Nars Laguna bronzer and put that on my cheekbones with a Burt’s Bees lip balm. I used to be really into makeup and would buy SO much from Superdrug and lots of high end. And I’d nick my mum’s makeup. So I could get to grips with what I really like and I tried a lot of different foundations. I found that the products I have work for me – it wasn’t about money at all or the brands. Now I would stick with all of this for as long as I can. They’re the go-tos.

On reducing her makeup bag
I loved to do my sister’s and cousin’s makeup and it was a real hobby. I was being introduced to makeup and watching lots of tutorials and it was fun to practice on myself when I didn’t have anything to so. In the early days it was Zoella and Tanya Burr but not that I followed them but I’d find particular videos that I really enjoyed. I learnt techniques on what suited my eye shade and face shape and that’s how I grew to love it. As I’ve grown older I’ve had more skin problems so I’ve had to reduce my makeup and have stuff that works for me but isn’t super thick and yet still gives me coverage.

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Good thing I went to Specsavers 👓

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On what she’ll never leave the house without applying
I always put on my Cloud Paint as it makes me feel fresh and healthy and I always curl my eyelashes and put on my mascara. I am up early so I am trying to look as awake as possible.

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Sunday’s are my all time favorites ❤️

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On night looks
I usually add a lipstick. My go-to is a red matte lipstick from M.A.C in Retro Matte Dance With Me or I use a much darker eyeshadow to shake the look up a bit. I use the Naked palette from Urban Decay. The colours really suit my skin tone. Because I am a little but darker a lot of the neutral shades don’t show up but this seems to have a more pink-y tone and a wide variety. Sometimes I add an eyeliner flick and jazz the whole thing up with jewellery.

My hair is abnormally long. At the time of interview it’s just beneath my butt…can be a bit dangerous on the toilet sometimes! Glam! I wash my hair every three days and I don’t use any heat on my hair. I use Moroccan oil as it dries.

On a love of makeup extending into skincare
I struggled with acne so I’ve really thought about what I put on my face. I’d watch tutorials on cleansing routines and got really into that and bought all these different products and that changed what makeup I’d wear and how much. I’d clean my brushes and make sure my products were clean and take off my makeup before bed.

On how she’s cleansing
I firstly wash my hands so I don’t have dirt from that day. I use Temple Spa Good To Go with simple ingredients in it and they don’t use harsh chemicals. I exfoliate with Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant and moisturise. Sometimes I use the Botanicals super food facial oil that makes my skin feel dewy before I go to bed.

On being introduced to the beauty and makeup world
My mum always buys really nice brands and makeup and I try them out. I started with that and that’s where my first interest came. As I hit high school and there were a lot of other girls wearing makeup and the whole Youtube craze was happening so I bounced on that. I found some easy tricks and hacks and started getting into it – like how to make your face look like you have a full face of makeup with three makeup products. So you make you eyebrows the focus of your face and make them strong so that was handy. I was in a youtube wormhole so I can’t remember who said that. I was watching Zoella mostly so I am sure it was her. After dinner I was on it until bed. I had a lot of time to browse the internet and at Christmas and birthday’s I’d be like ‘can I do you’re makeup, can I do your makeup!’ I ended up doing my cousin’s wedding makeup which was fun.

On fun makeup disasters
I used to do the boxed eyebrows – a bit too strong and too dark and I didn’t know how to blend. I think now it’s about keeping them maintained and filled in but we’ve gone a bit far with the eyebrows. I mean to be fair that was me but the eyebrows are out of control.

I used to have an obsessive relationship with makeup and I would keep all my produts even though they were used to the end. I liked that I had them or the packaging. Now that I’ve found my staples it’s balanced out. I love makeup. I love how it can make you feel and the confidence it can give you but I am so aware of myself when I rely on it and use it too much for my own boost rather than as something that I enjoy doing or feeling like it’s a must.

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The kinda shirt that was once a dress 😬

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On the eyeshadow shade she’s excited to personalise her palette with
I love the bright bluebell shade. I usually stick with neutral shades but it made me think ‘do you know what you can just go for it and be a bit bolder and have fun.’ It doesn’t have to be natural and you can do what you like. I can wear blue eyeshadow and what?

On personalising her palette
I really like blush pink with emerald green and banana leaves print so I’d swerve towards that.