01 May 2018

Meet Lydia: The Beautonomy Babe who never leaves the house without brushing her brows

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last night of 🍯🌙

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Lydia of @mybouquetdaily is a florist from Brighton who shares her love of chubby contour sticks and 
lipgloss. She also happens to be a Beautonomy Babe, keep your eyes peeled for her face in our tutorial films.


“When I was younger I wore makeup for my image and to make myself feel better about the way I looked and the way other people saw me. Now I really don’t care and I am doing it to please myself and have fun.”


On her makeup bag
I keep it fairly simple. With all my makeup I go by people’s recommendations. Currently in my makeup bag I always have a concealer by Rimmel, the Hide The Blemish. I also have a liquid eyeliner by them, the Glam Eyes Professional Liquid Liner. This one is has really thin tip that I love. I have a Natural Collection brow kit which I use to fill in my brows and I normally backcomb them slightly with a mascara brush. I’ve got a couple of Clinique bits that I bought for my wedding – I’ve got the Clinque foundation in shade 27 – Alabaster and a chubby stick that I use to contour and a dark brown liquid eyeliner pen. I’ve also got a Clinque eyeshadow shimmer in Daybreak but I use it as a highlighter and then I’ve got a Glossier Haloscope highlighter in Quartz. I flip between this one and the Clinque. The Glossier one has a bigger surface areas so you get a bigger streak. And then a couple of lipsticks from H&M are in my bag – I actually really like their makeup range. With my mascara I never have a set one, I just buy whatever I like the look of . My latest is Rimmel Volume Shake.

On her morning beauty routine

There’s not a set routine which is probably very naughty of me. I wash my face with a bar of Dove soap and a flannel and make sure I moisturise. The Vaseline moisturiser is normally pretty good. I leave that a while and let it sink it. I haven’t been wearing much eye makeup recently as I’ve been travelling in hot countries and it comes off but I always put some contour stick on just for a bit of bronze and fill in my eyebrows.

One her evening looks
If I am going out I apply my liquid eyeliner starting from the middle of the eyelid only. I then flick it out at the end with a bit of a wing. I like to slick on a little mascara and a touch on the bottom lashes but my brows are my biggest thing that I like to play up. I am more than happy to go out of the house without eye makeup on but I probably have never left the house without doing my eyebrows. They don’t need a huge amount doing to them but I’ve got into a routine.

On getting the perfect big brows
When I was in school people made a thing of me having big eyebrows. To be fair they were very big. It was almost a unibrow and I did really want to pluck them but my mum thought I should leave them. Once in high school I was at a sleep over with my friend and she begged me to let her pluck them. She shaped them really well and after that I tried myself and ended up over plucking them and they got really thin. After a few years I couldn’t keep up with the plucking! Luckily at the end of high school big eyebrows came back in. Now I always forget to pluck them but I like when they look messy. I’ve got sprouts all over! I used to use a pencil to get the right shape but now they are well trained. Just recently I’ve been filling them in with the Natural Collections kit and then combing them helps to fluff them up.

On the biggest makeup mistakes she’s made
I went through a phase in college where I used to put as much mascara on as humanly possible. I looked like had spiders collecting in my eyes and you could snap the lashes off. It was an absolute nightmare to take that off everyday.

On the one beauty item she wouldn’t leave the house without
The Clinque chubby stick in shade Curvy Contour! I normally put a streak from the middle of the cheek and run it out towards my hairline and add a couple of spots over the forehead as well and blend that all in with a brush. If I don’t do it I feel far too bare.

On the best beauty advice she’s every been given
Firstly make sure you remove your makeup and remove it well! I went for a tutorial at Clinque and got the three step kit that I’ve also got into a routine of using but that’s almost a nice little treat these days. My other best bit of advice is backcombing the eyelashes, getting behind the lash and working into the base of the lashes – that was the advice at a high school beauty evening at The Body Shop and I’ve done it every since.

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✨ ft hair at its longest record + charity shop mirror

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On what makeup means to her
You get to an age where you become a bit more inquisitive and it’s a bit of fun. I went to an all girls school and a lot of girls would say ‘oh I don’t care about makeup because there are no boys here.’ I have honestly always worn makeup because of the way it makes me feel. You get used to seeing yourself wearing it and see it as a part of your identity and it is but recently I’ve stopped doing a full face and I feel more comfortable and now when I put makeup on for an event and party I feel different – in a good way! When I was younger I did it for my image and to make myself feel better about the way I looked and the way other people saw me. Now I really don’t care and whether I wear makeup is completely up to me and I am doing it to please myself and have fun, not for other people.

On her favourite makeup trends
I LOVE that lipgloss is coming back in and eyeshadow colours! I don’t think you can go wrong with a pastel. I like a pop of colour on both eyes and lipstick but that it doesn’t match. So a bold eyeshadow with a bold lip. I’m still loving the glossy eye trend but I haven’t mastered it yet. 3INA Lip Balm Oil is pretty good for the gloss, without the stickiness. I prefer a clear gloss but it looks good in colour too.

On her dream palette
I really like the pinks and lilacs and the smokey eye shades from Beautonomy! I had a smokey eye for my wedding since I have blue eyes and I was told they’re accentuated by smokey eyes so I am also drawn to the deeper shades and shimmers.

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Always matching with my bouquets 👘

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On how she’d personalise her makeup Beautonomy palette
It’s got to be something flower related but if the flower is pastel I’d like a bright colour alongside it. I am really enjoying pink and an orange-red at the moment.