26 May 2021

Memorial Day Weekend Makeup Looks 2021

Memorial Day Weekend is upon us again! Using the must have red, white and blue shades, we’ve got some eyeshadow looks that are both patriotic and artistic. It can be a little hard to imagine what Memorial Day will look like for the year 2021. However, we’re always on hand to curate looks as inspiration ahead of the holiday.

We’ve only covered 2 of our top looks from our creator community for today’s inspiration share. So if you’re looking for that glamourous touch to your memorial day weekend makeup, you’re at the right place! If you’d like to have a chance to be featured on the Beautonomy website, tag us on our social media. Just search @beautonomyofficial.

If you have a favourite Memorial Day look, make sure to check out our Discord where we are always around to talk about beauty with our #BeautonARMY. You can find a great community who discusses makeup tutorials, new products, and a gallery with looks by all of you.

Mismatch Perfection by TheMilaEffect

mismatched memorial day eye makeup look

Our first look comes from TheMilaEffect. Mila created a unique mismatched eye makeup look using blue eyeshadow on one eye and red eyeshadow on the other. Keeping it simple with a nude lip to finish off the look, we love the simplicity matched with a good twist for a special take on a Memorial Day Weekend look. We’ve also spotted Mila’s use of a cut crease to add in the white on the main eyelid area before blending into the crease.

To get a clean cut crease look, you’ll first need to set your crease using your blue or red eyeshadow. Apply concealer or foundation to cut the crease and define the line. Then set and apply your main lid shadow.

To get Mila’s look, try using River or Bluebell from our range of blue eyeshadows.

Fully blended by Aimee K

memorial day eye makeup with stars

Aimee’s skillful blending is exactly why we love her take on a Memorial Day eye makeup look. The crisp angled shape and the highlight on the brow bone are small techniques for big glamour pay off. We recommend using Rain for that shimmer finish. For a highlighter, we often use Kream for that extra glow.

Our best shade in the red family is a matte eyeshadow in the shade Cinnabar which is a cool orange based red for a bright addition to your collection. The orange undertone is typically one of our go-to shades for the Autumn period. It’s not a true red eyeshadow but we can definitely see it being used in a red, white, and blue look for your Memorial Day Weekend 2021 makeup look.

We’ll soon be updating our shade collection for a wider range and hope to share them with you soon.

You can buy any of the shades mentioned as singles or create your own custom palette today. We’d love to see your custom palettes and you can find some of our pre-made eyeshadow palettes as inspiration. Remember to tag us on social media when you make your palette!