10 May 2021

Mental Health Awareness Week 2021 at Beautonomy

Whether it’s burnout because of chronic job stress or feeling isolated while working from home with nowhere to go when the working day is done, we all feel it. Open conversations about mental health have never been more important whether you have a workforce of 8 or 800. For Mental Health Awareness Week 2021, we’ve thought a lot about how we tackle such a big topic within our small team. Consisting of a regular team of 10, Beautonomy faces a variety of mental health challenges. All of which can be very private and unique to the individual. 

For 2021, MHAW falls on the 10th – 16th May with the theme being ‘nature’ and how connecting with the natural world can support good mental health. A theme that feels particularly important in a year where staying at home was so key.

To encourage taking the time for self-care, our Beautonomy leadership team have done a great job of implementing Spill. Used via Slack, Spill is an add-on that provides remote mental health support for employees directly through the platform. You can message a thoroughly vetted counselor any concern and expect a reply in one or two working days, book one off sessions to talk to a therapist or book a full course of sessions. Their roadmap also includes features such as a wall of praise, adding in 2 mins of mindful meditation before a meeting, booking in duvet days and ability to snooze all notifications for a few minutes.

Beauty and mental health have long been intertwined in a complicated relationship of both building up and knocking down self-esteem. Especially with the addition of social media into the mix. We recognise this and that’s why at Beautonomy, we’ve joined the Take Your Holiday campaign created by Spill as a way to tackle burnout. Taking small steps in the right direction, our values as a beauty brand are about empowering the entire beauty community and that includes the team at Beautonomy.

We have pledged to:

  1. Encourage the founders to take their full holiday in 2021 (and talk about it!).
  2. Add holiday as a key performance metric for all team members, designed to be checked in during team meetings or one to ones.
  3. Introduce one Recharge Day in 2021. This is an extra day given to all team members separate from annual leave to rest.

To learn more about burnout, visit Spill for more information.