07 May 2021

Mother’s Day Makeup Looks 2021

Mother’s Day Makeup isn’t just about creating a natural eye look on mature skin or older women. We love to see soft glam looks ready for a Mother’s Day lunch or spring-inspired shades for that pop of colour. We’ve rounded up three very different looks and shared our own Beautonomy shades. This leaves you with the freedom to interpret the look to whatever works best for you ahead of Mother’s Day.

Florals by Katt Legaspi

We love the incorporation of tulips into Katt’s creative take on spring florals for Mother’s Day. It’s a bright take on what Mother’s Day means to her. If you’re feeling inspired by Katt’s use of bright eyeshadows, we recommend using flamingo, taxi, and sugar plum for that extra touch of glitter.

To really make the bright colours pop, try using an eye primer before applying a neutral base on the lids. Then gently build up the colour to get your desired effect.

dramatic pink makeup look with tulips and hearts on face

Soft glow by Ailén Coronel

For something that focuses on the soft glam side, Ailén created a look on her own mother. Featuring a warm metallic look that emphasised her eyes, the look is perfect for transitioning from day to night. We have some bronze toned shades that add a touch of warmth to the overall look and can be built up for more drama. We recommend using spice, mink, and ignite

To complete your soft glam look, try using a peach or nude lipstick to compliment your makeup. The nude lip leaves the attention to the eyes.

glamourous bronze eye makeup look on older woman

Dramatic green by Shanay Carson

Shanay makes use of a deep green in the crease and a frosty mint shade on the lid. She tops the look with sharp eyeliner that is a must for somebody who favours a dramatic look for Mother’s Day. Keeping her lipstick nude and with plenty of lip gloss, it’s all about emphasising the eye look.

Try kiwi and frosted mint from our shade range to replicate Shanay’s eye makeup.

green eye makeup with winged eyeliner on darker skin

You can easily create your own custom eyeshadow palette featuring all the shades mentioned or swap in shades that work best for you!