09 Jun 2021

Natural Bridal Makeup Look 2021

Whether you’re looking to do your own makeup or find something unique for your big day, our bridal makeup look could be exactly what you’re looking for.

In your search for the perfect wedding day makeup look, you may want to consider a number of factors. You’ll have to think about how you combine skin care or sweat proof makeup depending what season your wedding is taking place. You should also use waterproof makeup where possible for those emotional moments throughout the day. Most of all, you should feel confident and beautiful!

With beauty-related spends amounting to an average of £612 in 2018 in the UK, it’s easy to see why doing your own makeup is a great way to save money. One of our Beautonomy creators and makeup artist @byamylaurenmua shows how you can use just a handful of shades to get a great bridal look when you can’t splurge on a makeup artist.

Alternatively, you can use our bridal look guide as a way to experiment and see what works for you before the big day. Maybe you want to test out a new product for a subtle look or add more complex techniques to get that glamorous touch. We love to see brides take on a bold red lip!

While this makeup look was created with the bride in mind, we love how Amy’s use of neutral shades means that it can be replicated for bridesmaids, the mother of the bride or across different skin tones.

Recreate the look

To recreate her soft glam look, Amy used some of our favourite neutral shades. Firstly she applied Yam in the crease and also Suede’s deep brown tones to emphasise the outer corners that really lifts her eye shape. She also used Spice to add a subtle warmth to her overall look. For a smokey eye, you can build on the warmer tones to create that effect.

rose gold bridal makeup on blonde woman

For some final touches, our shimmer shades Extra and Boujie were her top picks. Both shades are fine glitter eyeshadows with a pale gold finish and pink and lilac undertones. By applying them to the inner corner of her eyes, the subtle shimmers bring an overall brightness to the look. We love how the undertones help the eyes pop.

Amy’s completed bridal look leaves her absolutely glowing and she has emphasised the eyes perfectly. She’s chosen to pair her eye makeup with slightly filled in eyebrows, blush on the apples of her cheeks and a cooler red lip that is perfect for her skin tone. Her highlighter tops the her bridal makeup look off for that perfect natural looking glow that looks almost sun kissed.

You can always recreate Amy’s look and making it suit you by swapping out the rep lip colour for a nude lip or pink lip. If you want to add some more glamour to the look, consider creating a cat eye with a winged liner.

bridal makeup on blonde woman

You can purchase all of the eyeshadows that Amy used in a custom palette today. If there’s shades you want to replace, our customiser process means that you have the power to add in shades that suit you best.

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