11 Jun 2021

Natural eye makeup for your everyday routine

Eye makeup can appear to be intimidating to beginners. One brief scroll through Instagram and you’ll see graphic liners, smoky eyes, cut creases and heavy glitter applied immaculately. If you’re going for natural looking makeup as part of your everyday makeup routine, it can be a challenge to find what suits you.

Natural eye makeup is one of our favourite looks. It is easily customisable for any skin tone and acts as a neutral canvas. You can add or remove product depending on how you feel for the day.

With one of the most well known palettes being the Urban Decay Naked Eyeshadow palette, neutral tones are much loved by makeup artists and those new to makeup. These neutrals are going to be your friend. Especially if you’re looking for shades that you can mix and match for a natural look.

Working with creator Cephy of @cosmeticaddictions, we’ve got an everyday makeup look that is perfect for emphasising your natural features. Using six of our eyeshadow shades, Cephy’s look gives her a bronzed glow. She’s looking perfect for building up product for more drama or toning down depending on her preference.

Getting the Look

natural makeup on woman

To recreate Cephy’s look, apply eyeshadow shades Mink and Suede lightly over the lid. The neutral brown tones add subtle definition to her eye area. Plus the creamy texture of our matte shades means you can blend them easily.

She also used Mink and Suede in the outer corner resulting in a warm bronzed effect to her overall look. Cephy’s use of orange tones is perfect ahead of the summer months. Her placement on the outer corner creates a natural way to emphasise a more cat eye shape.

Finally, she used Eclipse in place of a black eyeliner for more of a smoky finish. If you want to get your eye makeup as sharp as Cephy’s, you’ll need an eye makeup brush that gently applies product without irritating the sensitive skin on your eyelids.

Finishing touches

natural eye makeup on woman

While Cephy has used eyeshadow for a subtle winged eyeliner effect, you can also try using a brown eyeliner. This will help give the appearance of fuller and thicker eyelashes. Especially on the upper lash line.

On the other hand, you might want to add drama on top of your natural eye makeup look. Try recreating the winged eyeliner effect in liquid eyeliner. The same goes for mascara. Instead of a classic black mascara, try a dark brown that helps define your eyes.

For a final touch of glitter, our pale gold shimmer shade Sunbeam provides a natural finish. Its fine glitter means that you won’t see large chunks of fallout for your final look. If you’re looking to keep this natural eye makeup on all day, use an eye primer for a long-lasting look.

Cephy finishes the look with brushed up brows, orange toned lipstick and a warm orange toned blush. The entire look looks so warm and glowy, we can’t wait to replicate!

Remember to share your look with us on social media. By tagging us, you could get a chance to be featured in our next blog post. All of the shades used in this makeup tutorial is available in a Beautonomy customised palette and you have the choice to remove shades you don’t like and replace with the ones you do.

Whether it’s a gift or for yourself, a customised palette is a great way to get all the eyeshadows you know you’ll love to use everyday.