06 Mar 2019

Our Rose Gold Glitter Cut Crease Tutorial

Nothing packs a punch quite like a glitter eye look! It’s an easy way to amp up a colourful look that needs a little something more, or turn daytime makeup into night-time glam.

It’s suitable for everything from festivals to formal events. Or even if you just wanna be extra, and impress those cashiers while you’re grocery shopping. Glitter can be whatever you want it to be!

Our Beautonomy glitters are best applied with a warm finger – super easy and maximum pigment! Check our easy-to-follow pictorial for a stunning rose gold glitter eye with a gold cut crease! <3


Step 1: Dust ‘Wild Eyes’ across the eyelids, making a loose V shape in the outer corner


Step 2: Darken the outer corner of the eye slightly with ‘Dusk’

Step 3: Starting from the inner corner, carve out ¾ of the lid with concealer and apply ‘Rose Gold’ on top

Step 4: Darken the outer corner with ‘Dusk’ again and use it to blend with the lid, and using your finger add a little ‘French 75’ onto the centre of the lid!

Step 5: Use ‘Golden Sun’ to carve a line on the crease from the inner corner across the lid, and use ‘Orion’ in the inner corner to make it POP!



Makeup: @BeautyByHala__