12 Feb 2019


Your Mama, your sister, your sister from another mister or your entire girl gang – make a date this Galentine’s Day with the women that raise you up, make you laugh and teach you what life is all about.

Show them what they mean to you with the ultimate eye makeup look, because nothing says girl power like pink glitter eyeshadow. Are we right? Yeah, we’re right.

Show yourself some love and pick the shades from the trend that suit your skin tone. We do tend to err on the side of ‘bigger is better’ though, so may we suggest a generous nudge when it comes to your comfort zone if you want to make some real impact.

This look is strong, so we’ve picked palettes with power and shades that mean business. From cool as they come Comet to silver and shine Lightening, now really is the time to make a statement. Whether you’re a dark pink eyeshadow devotee, or if hot pink shades are more your bag, pink and girly most definitely just got a rebrand and we’re here for it.

Let’s start as we mean to go on, here are our insider’s tips for getting the most out of the ultimate pink eyeshadow palette.

K-Pop: The sweet, sweet joy of candy pink with a real kick. It’s playtime! Go bold in, and slightly below, the crease with this mega matte shade – did we mention we mean business? This bright pink eyeshadow is just the beginning and we love it already.

Sevelina: It’s time to get down to work, create some definition above that crease with this darker tone. This shade combo will keep the look light and flirty and help to frame the lid. A power couple at its best.

Rose Gold: Pink? Check. Glitter? Check. This is real love for the lids. Apply this light pink eyeshadow all over with your finger, some may find this controversial we know, the warmth gets that glitter sticking and the pink popping. This is a big look, there’s really no need to contain the colour to your lid line. If there was ever a day to indulge, it’s most definitely today.

Kawaii: The eyes might have it but let’s not forget the cheeks. This shade is the ultimate all-rounder and gives a peachy glow your younger self would be proud of. The subtle sheen finish sets this look off.

Highlighter L/M: Glow. Then glow some more. And then glow even darn harder. On the brow bone, cheek bone, tip of your nose…even your cupid’s bow. Wherever you want that light to hit, this is the highlighter to get you there. Love is in the air and it’s all headed for this highlighter, trust us.

Finally, the lips. You guessed it. We went pink, why on earth not? If it works, it works and we’re not arguing. Keep the lips matte to allow your hard work to shine.


We’ve got two palettes that are perfect for your, or your no.1 female’s, peachy creations. Check out a flirty foursome in L-O-V-E (pink), or head straight for the main course with room for a whopping seven shades in Sweet Heart.

Power to pink, we’ve seen the future and it is most definitely female.