12 Feb 2019


We can’t help it. We love, LOVE. And this year our V Day celebrations are going to last 365 days. That’s a lot of date nights, but we’re totally up for it.

From the ‘laughing with your BFF until you lose it’ kind of love, to the ‘can’t stop thinking about you, even on the loo’ love and all the other amazing stuff in-between, we have a smokey eye look that is just perfect for them all.

We know what you’re thinking, ‘yeah, yeah…smokey eye tutorial – seen it!’. Nuh huh, this is different. This one’s super personal, because we believe true love starts with loving yourself.

From the ultimate in lust-worthy dense pigment, Dark Nights, to queen of the corals, Rosado. We’ve picked shades that’ll bring the traditional smokey eye project crashing into 2019, just for you.

Enough flirting already, here are our top tips for the ultimate date night makeup that’s fit for any occasion.

Brick and Clay are beautiful warm brown hues that have reached super shade status due to their universally flattering abilities. Rather than channelling Morticia Adams going through the ultimate goth phase, your smokey eye will be super sultry.

When it comes to blending, we know you know, always reach for a clean brush or a dash of translucent powder for a seamless look you’ve only ever dreamed of. It’s worth the effort for an airbrush finish that adds a touch of old school glamour.

Varying the tones really helps to bring the traditional smokey eye bang up to date. Add a warm shimmer that suits your skin tone, through the crease and across the lids, to make this look personal perfection.

Fancy upping your glamour game? Chose a darker shade just on the outer corners to really define those peepers. Then it’s onto the lashes. We all love falsies, try snipping them in half – you’ll find them easier to fit to your unique eye shape. Not only does this help them look more natural, you won’t have to worry about drooping lashes either. Never a good look!

Graceful Salmon is a subtle blush with a gorgeous light gold shimmer. You’ll achieve just the right amount of highlight with a generous flush of this go-to shade. Blush can make or break this look, that’s why we’ve gone understated on the cheeks to help the eyes really shine.

Highlighter in M/L is here for those that fancy a little more glow. Pick out the high points of your face, such as the cheekbones and nose tip, with a light sweep of this must-have shade. Want to take the glow to supersonic status? Try a little liquid highlighter or oil on your décolletage, that should prove you mean business!

Rose is the ultimate symbol of love, so complete the look with a kiss of this super flattering shade on the lips. Less drama than a classic red but no less striking, call us hopelessly romantic but we think we’re in love.

Whether you’re about self-love or sharing the love this Valentine’s Day, there’s a smokey eyeshadow palette waiting just for you. Lock eyes with two of our favourites, Young Love & L-O-V-E (print), and we challenge your heart not to explode.

Big love. B.