28 Sep 2018

Step by Step Cloud Eye Tutorial

Step by Step Cloud Eye Tutorial


Summer is officially over, and what better way to embrace the rainy season than with a cloud-inspired makeup look?


The “cloud eye” trend uses soft washes of dreamy pastel colours that are fun, flattering on different skin tones and most importantly – easy to apply!


We’ve been seeing this trend everywhere, with different variations such as day time/night time colours, or the addition of white eyeliner and tiny cute stars. Some of the biggest YouTubers like NikkieTutorials have even made videos showing us how to achieve the look.


You won’t be short of inspiration, just look up at the sky on an Autumn day. But if you need some extra ideas, check out these amazing cloud designs we’ve seen on Instagram:


Long gone are the days when only perfectly sharp, neutral toned cut-creases dominated our Instagram feeds. Creative and colourful makeup looks are in, and the great thing is that you don’t need to be an artiste to make it look good. You just need to some pretty colours and the patience to blend!


By no means does it need to be perfectly neat or symmetrical. This is definitely a look to play around with and have fun!


We tried out the trend for ourselves using our dreamiest Beautonomy eyeshadow shades. Check out our step-by-step guide below for a super simple cloud eye!


Step 1: Apply ‘Snow‘ white eyeshadow as a base & set with powder

Step 2: Dust ‘Bluebell’ in the crease


Step 3: Use ‘Snow’ to blend out the crease all the way up to the brow


Step 4: Use ‘K-Pop!‘ on the high points of the cheekbone and around the eye


Step 5: Darken the crease with a touch of ‘Dark Nights’ then carve out the clouds with concealer!


Step 6: Use ‘Frosted Mint’ on the lid to set the clouds


Step 7: Define the clouds with white liner and add tiny dots and stars


Step 8: Add ‘Lightning’ glitter on the cheek bones and some lashes, and voila!