06 Jul 2018

We talk PRIDE and makeup with Lewis Silk

Get to know Makeup Influencer Lewis Silk

Lewis / 19 / Oxford

“I see myself as daring and energetic and I feel that I try to live life as optimistically as possible, I don’t really see myself as an MUA, I’m just another person playing around with makeup – the final result doesn’t have to be art it’s just the destination that my journey that day finished at. 

My first proper makeup purchase was the Morphe 35B palette, it was insanely bold and totally unwearable when I tried to create natural faces of makeup. I tried using a shimmer brown for contour and a deep purple black for my brows, it was a total mess!

I really enjoy palettes where the design reflects strongly what is inside and I would want the design to look as luxurious as possible. Maybe dark coloured or perhaps I would go the opposite direction and do a beautiful deep nude colour, with my name on it to make it personal to me. 

For shades I’m torn between loving warm, peachy neutrals and the bright golds and jewel tones. I think I would create a bright palette of deep green glitters and gold shimmers with dark red mattes. I feel it would stand out from all other makeup I own and know about and could really become a statement piece.

I feel that personalisation and self-expression are the core reasons why makeup exists. Makeup should be for anyone, each person should have the choice and ability to stand out however they want and so I see these as extremely core values when it comes to my makeup personally.”

What Pride means to me… “I personally feel that if you want to be out there and happy then pride month is clearly the month to do this. For this reason, the names that I chose for the shades in my Pride palette are care-free, funny and weren’t overthought. I chose names that made me smile or laugh and I wanted to embody the essence of pride – loud and happy and fun!

For me pride is just the opportunity to celebrate unity and humanity. It’s a month where people are for once celebrated for diversity and can come together. Everyone should have the chance to feel accepted and pride month is one of the times when many of those most in need of support are able to finally feel a community.”

My makeup routine “I try and wake up at 6am every week day so that I have plenty of time before school to get ready and planned for the day. For my makeup I tend to keep it very minimal with just brow gel and pencil as well as highlight on my cheekbones, cupid bow and ears.

For a night out I personally feel that creating bolder brows and a strong contour have a huge effect on my face – especially in the intense lighting at parties and so I usually stick to cream contour and bold, carved out brows for a night out – paired with tonnes of highlight and peachy blush.”

Inspirations and tips Anna Priadka is a huge inspiration to me. I love her approach of a smooth, glowing base with rich and intense pigments and glosses on the eyes and lips. She also does extremely minimal brows which I don’t like on me, but I think she executes it amazingly. So many bloggers and celebrities have great makeup and the entire game has been stepped up so many levels in the last few years however I always love the way that Benny J. Pierce wears makeup – he ties it into his outfits amazingly and his style I really enjoy.

Don’t try and only look like everyone else online. If your makeup doesn’t seem as vibrant or your skin still has texture it doesn’t matter – the only way to fully embrace makeup is to do what makes you happy. I sometimes struggle with textured skin and it was only by accepting this and trying my own makeup combinations that I found ways to look how I wanted and not how I thought I wanted to look.

I learnt a hugely valuable piece of advice from a friend on Instagram last year when I was struggling with my makeup. She told me that it doesn’t matter if the final piece is perfect, every time you apply makeup its an experiment and you grow as an artist so don’t stress if the final piece isn’t perfect – nothing is.”

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