26 Nov 2020

What The Team Are Thankful For 🦃

As we come to the end of a very long year, it might seem that we don’t have a huge amount to look back on with fond memories. However, even though it hasn’t been the best year, there’s always something to be thankful for. So, we’ve each thought of a few things we were thankful to have or experience this year. Even though they are small, it’s the small things that keep us going! 

Amy is thankful for tea, and for lockdown over Christmas, so she doesn’t have to have a big family Christmas, although she promises she’s not a Grinch. 

Cindy is thankful for Tenet, because Robert Pattinson is looking fire in it. She’s also thankful for the summer when we could pretend we weren’t in lockdown for a bit… 

Grace is thankful for ‘do not disturb’ on her phone, people offering to make tea in the office, and the nightbus. It really is the simple pleasures for Grace. 

Tanika is thankful for the Beautonomy team, which is adorable (and rude that no one else said that), and Yum Yums from Greggs. 

Darcy is thankful for her Pret subscription, the invention of tupperwares, and being employed. 

Kiemu is thankful for family, and health. At least someone is taking this seriously!

So, maybe this year hasn’t been so bad after all… What are you thankful for this year? Be sure to tag us @beautonomyofficial!